Our stunning Candle Care Kit come with three important and functional tools:
- Wick Trimmer 
- Candle Snuffer 
- Candle Dipper 


Blowing out candles can result in accidentally blowing hot wax over yourself or anything nearby. We recommend you use a Candle Snuffer to extinguish all candles, as it is the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering. 

Trimming the wick at regular intervals (or before each burn) will help consume the candle evenly, which extends burning times and helps avoid damaging the glass from too high a flame. 

For best results, we recommend keeping the wick trimmed to around 0.5cm. Our stainless steel Wick Trimmer does the job just perfectly. It makes it possible to trim your wicks to the exact size and without leaving any wick pieces falling into the wax. It has a special measuring foot, allowing it to cut a precise 0.5cm and is much more effective than using scissors, due to its angular design.

Grip the top of the Candle Dipper to pull the wick upright and adjust it back to the center and it is ready to go. It can also be used to clean the edge of the vessel.

Candle Care Kit

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